Handicap Vehicle

From a Physically Challenged
to a Self Employed

DOT Victory
Bi-fold Vehicle for the Physically Challenged

The public transport is not designed for the physically challenged. It makes all the more challenging for alighting and getting out for the physically challenged. DOT Victory offers a fresh breather and allows the physically challenged to move anywhere at their own will, further it can allow them to earn a living by taking along one passenger. DOT Victory is designed using a bi-fold technology which allows the physically challenged to fold the vehicle when there is no passenger. The vehicle allows them to earn Rs. 600/- per day approximately and give them an opportunity to lead a dignified life through their self employment.


  • Model Name : VSLDOT4 - VICTORY
  • Colour : Brown, White
  • Size : 2800 x 970 x 1760mm
  • Maximum Speed with load : 20Km/h
  • Motor Type : 48v-500n
  • Dimension : 1390x700x1000/1790x700x1000mm
  • Controller : 48v 12tube
  • Battery Type : 48v 30Ah / 20Ah
The world class vehicle with best performance