Garbage Vehicle

A clean place prevents us
from health hazards

DOT Mini
For Hospital Garbage Disposal

DOT Mini is the battery operated vehicle that is specially designed to be used for hospital garbage disposal. It comes with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) bins, which are regarded as biologically safe bins and hygienic. ABS bins not only helps in garbage removal and also handles the garbage in an eco-friendly way. It is designed to dispose of 500 litres of garbage in a single run. DOT Mini is a blessing in disguise for hospitals that are keen to maintain a pollution-free environment around their premises.


  • Model Name : VSLDOT1 - MINI
  • Colour : Green, Blue, Yellow & White
  • Size : 2500 x 950 x 1180mm
  • Material : Plastics (ABS+PP)
  • Loading Volume : 500 Ltr
  • Motor Type : 48v / 30v - 500w /250w
  • Battery Type : 48v 20Ah
  • Maximum Speed with load : 20Km/h
  • Maximum Speed without load : 25Km/h
  • Controller : 12 Tube
  • Travel Distance : 110 Km/Full Charge

A clean home
is a healthy home

DOT Garbigo
For Residential Garbage Disposal

A home cannot be considered clean when it is not clean inside-out. An unclean exterior can make the home unwelcome and unhealthy. DOT Garbigo is specially designed to handle residential garbage effectively allowing you to keep your vicinity clean and free from insects and germs. The model comes with features like hydraulic lifts, USB, speakers and chargers. This vehicle is designed to dispose 1 ton of wastage at one go. The vehicle is compact enough to be handled by a single person and it is good enough to dispose of the garbage of 450 houses in a shift.

  • Model Name : VSLDOT2 - GARBICO
  • Colour : Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Size : 3000 x 1100 x 900mm
  • Material : Iron with iron frames
  • Loading Volume : 1.58m3
  • Loading capacity : 300Kg / 500Kg/ 800Kg/ 1000Kg
  • Motor Type : 60v/ 45v / 30v - 1200w /800w / 500w
  • Battery Type : 60v 120Ah
  • Maximum Speed with load : 25Km/h
  • Maximum Speed without load : 30Km/h
  • Controller : 12 Tube

Encouraging Industry Development
While Assuring Cleaner Environment

DOT Express
For Industrial & Institutional Garbage Disposal

It is a known fact that industrial development comes with a fair share of environmental destruction. Industries also produce a lot of garbage which can further harm the environment when not handled properly. DOT Express is specially designed for effective removal of industrial and institutional garbage. It comes with highly functional hydraulic features with stainless steel body to manoeuvre along difficult conditions. The vehicle is affordable and can be handled effectively by a single person.


  • Model Name : VSLDOT3 - EXPRESS
  • Colour : Green, Blue, White
  • Size : 2750 x 1200 x 1430mm
  • Material : Stainless Steel Bin
  • Loading Volume : 1000 Ltr
  • Motor Type : 60v / 45v / 30v - 1000w /500w / 250w
  • Battery Type : 48v 20Ah
  • Maximum Speed with load : 20Km/h
  • Maximum Speed without load : 25Km/h
  • Controller : 24 Tube
The world class vehicle with best performance